enacted pursuant

Revise Policy on Reclamation Fee for Coal Mine Waste (Uram Memo) and Propose Rule for Additional Incentives On July 22, 1994, then-Director Robert Uram issued a memorandum outlining the conditions under which OSMRE would waive the assessment of reclamation fees on the removal magnetic sweepersused as waste fuel at co-generation facilities. This is partly or […]

Potentially Through a Rulemaking

as indicated in the policy advisory or potentially through a rulemaking, could impact a company’s ability to continue mining. In addition, thereSurface Mining Control and Reclamation Act’s requirements related to financial assurances. magnetic name tagsring-magnets/”>ring magnets</a>of the pending GAO audit of financial assurances currently underway. The OSMRE will solicit public input prior to finalizing any […]